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Who we are and what we do?

ORION INVEST LTD is an officially registered company with many years of experience in Crypto exchanges field.

ORION INVEST LTD was incorporated in March of 2021. We are a great team of analytics, whose goal is to make this business mutually beneficial and provide daily income! .

Let's talk some about "what we actually do". It’s pretty hard to find a person who hasn’t heard of cryptocurrencies nowadays, especially after Bitcoin boom in the end of 2020. And as always on a market there are some people who gained money on it as well as some lost their capital. So for us, as company who attracting investors funds, is very important always be on a winning side, so we can guarantee you’re a stable profit. So, you would ask us “How come you guys keep profiting, is it even possible?” And the answer is “yes” and everything is easier the you thought. Do you know how is the price for each cryptocurrency set? It’s formed based on demand. What does it mean for us? That we can basically cheat the market. We will show you an example over here. Let’s say there is a currency “X” and each of it cost 1$, capitalization on this “X” is 100$ (sum of all existing units), so, we gather all our money, and start buying currency “X” the price goes up and now it’s 1 dollar and 20 cents each. Then we sell it at one time and keep our 20% profit. Easy. But not really, and that’s there we work, analyzing the market, picking only certain currencies (for example we don’t work with ones, whose capitalization is more than 2 million dollars). Reputation is one of the most valuable things in your business, do we pay attention to all details.

We are ready to show you our best work and provide you with daily profit.

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Officially registered
orioninvest.net is an officially registered company with the Companies House registration number: 13287636
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Officially registered
orioninvest.net is an officially registered company with the Companies House registration number: 12854867
What is crypto trading
and how do we earn money?

The most interesting thing about ANY cryptocurrency is that it's price depends on demand only, not as any other currency.

For us that means one thing - we can affect on it by making artificial demand. We buy a huge amount of certain currency, and then waiting when a price goes up!

Seems easy enough. But behind those words are tons on analyzing work, years of experience, and best team of professionals.

Today anybody can trade cryptocurrency, but it's a real art of business combined with proper team and technologies to always stay in profit.

Here are the advantages ofinvesting with us:

  1. High level of safety, we make sure that your data stays in our hands ONLY.
  2. Stable income. Every day. No weekends, no holidays, no exeptions.
  3. Reputation is our all: we value our customers and their oppinion..
  4. Rapidly grown team of representative and investors.

Investing with us provide you a new stable scourse of income!

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